fun = sustainability

Dear Diary,

You guessed it right… Am still in Caux. 10 days down and 11 more to go!

I am very excited today. I guess it’s a carry over of great moments from yesterday. I had the opportunity to do photography for the conference working with my team mate Liubou under the watchful eye of Award winning photographer and poet Yousef Khanfar. The first 30 minutes were quite a turn off for me as I tried to adjust myself to the workings of a borrowed camera (thanks to Maha)! But trust me, after 12 hours of photography punctuated with disappointments, loads of encouragement and over 500 clicks, I had 19 photos worthy of space on the front page of a magazine!

So today the day started pretty slow. As usual we had reflection moments, followed with some housekeeping business. Then came the most exciting part of the day; when we get to maximize the skills learnt. It’s been fun and exciting engaging in practical activities that help in stretching our skills, discovering our weaknesses and maximizing our strengths. Must say, our team leaders have been quite helpful in harnessing our skills.

My team has been working on a short promotional documentary on the ‘Hub’ – considered to be the heart of the ongoing conference (Learning to Live in a Multi-cultural World). This is where new ideas are born and given life through sharing of goals, anticipated challenges and possible opportunities for support – either material or financial. Working on the project has been a massive learning experience especially getting the ‘right’ shots bearing in mind we are working with experienced filmmakers. Many a times, my artistry nearly suffered inferiority complex because these experienced folk wear their art (and hearts) on their sleeves.  Sincerely, I was really impressed by my team leader’s patience as I did several dry runs for a single shot, with a thousand and one mistakes. Guess it’s part of the learning coz am not sure am that patient.

The three other teams have also been working on their projects. They should all be ready by end of the week. Am looking forward to a competition of sorts with every filmmaker and his team trying to outdo the other!

The other super interesting part of the day was a session conducted by Daniel May – a tech guru from Australia. He has a great wealth of knowledge in use of social media for influence that he shared without holding back. His presentation was relevant, timely and well punctuated with real life experiences. According to him, “the next revolution will not be youths demonstrating in the streets but rather the fast flow of information through the web and other digital media.”

There was no better way to end my day than to speak with my family on skype! Tomorrow is another day to tell stories through the lens. Its becoming an enchanting affair by the day.



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