This is my sincere plea…

Kenya is counting down days to the referendum. Emotions are running high and campaigns growing hotter by the day. Many are shifting camp from the

Your vote counts!

GREENS to the REDS and vice versa while others are reaffirming their commitments to their camps. Whether politically, socially, legally or spiritually correct, everyone seems to have an opinion on this proposed draft constitution.

I write to you, dear children, because you know what is right and wrong. You have no will power to decide either green or red but have the ability to watch, pray and hope that the decision makers will have you in mind as they cast their ballot!

I write to you, fathers and mothers, because you have lived your life. You have run the race irrespective of whether you finished or not, fought the fight, whether you won or not. It’s time for the youth to fight. Help write a great history for future genrations. Generations that you brought into this world.

I write to you young men and women because you count in the making of history in this country Kenya. You represent a majority of the decision makers come this August 4th. You have been used, misused, abused and later accused. It’s time for change. And only you can make the change you want to see. You need to make a choice that will improve your lives for the better in future. Think not of yourselves now, but your generations to come. It’s the best gift we (though I wont be able to vote) can give to ourselves and our children.

I write to you men of the cloth for you are the voice of reason and messengers from the Father. How I pray that you seek to unite than divide your flock. You have a great responsibility in helping heal wounds that will be created before, during and after 4th August. The last time you fell. This time around you cant afford to fall. But even if you fall, you must take responsibility!

I write to you members of the August House. You are one funny lot! Many are the times you have taken us for a ride. I bet you recognize Wanjiku’s discomfort and displeasure at you moves. And I ask myself, could you be different? Well, how I pray that you lead the country into the right direction as God expects of you. You represent Wanjiku and not yourselves; that’s one great point yo always seem to forget whenever you go up there. Listen to what I (mwananchi) have to say. Don’t push what you want to say!

I write to you who will not vote! You just missed your opportunity to write history in the making of a new nation. Pray is the best you can do. And hope that peace prevails.

But even as Kenya prepares to hold its second referendum under Kibaki’s

reminding us of what has been and in the future what is to be seen...

watch, the greatest hope is that it will act as a platform to unite us rather than divide us. We made a commitment that ‘NEVER AGAIN’ shall we allow ourselves to be divided by our tribal, cultural or even religious inclinations.

Let’s stand the test of time.



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