Dear Friend,

I write to you from my new base in Switzerland. I miss you. So much. But you are also missing the experience here. 🙂

It’s only five days since I arrived but it feels like I have been here for some months now. I am excited about the warm and smiling friends I meet here and the bright weather (although yesterday it was lil dull with showers in the evening). And of course a great re-union with friends from Harambee Africa and the All Africa Conference in Nakuru Kenya. I am sooo excited! How I wish you were here with me. Oh and by the way, did I mention that I touched snow for the first time in my life? Wow! It was a great experience. I bet its an awesome time for all the first time experiences I am having including traveling out of Africa and being at Caux.

The biggest question I have been asking myself for the last few days, do we sleep because it is time to sleep or because it is dark? And I bet to me it’s a culture shock to be in Swiss where unlike in Kenya (and most other parts of the world) the sun sets at 10Pm. In my world, (Kenya) the sun retires to bed at 7.00Pm. Funny isn’t it? Or weird? Yeah. But it’s all lovely anyway.

I must confess. I did no research on where Switzerland is, what it has or anything about it. Although from my little knowledge, I know it’s a hub for white chocolate (already had a share of it) and great watches (seen alot on the adverts). Grandpa also told me it’s the most expensive country. Which I approve!

With 29 more days to go, I hope to learn a lot and share a lot too. Am worried though of life after Caux. After the lovely encounters with friends and visionaries, after all the fun and flair, what next? That’s my greatest worry. But am not scared. I will cross that river when I get to it.

That’s all for now lovely buddy! Talk to you later.

Mbish or Kim as they call me here.


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