This semester in campus I took a course that integrates all that I have learnt in Media studies together with Christianity as a way of preparing me for the corporate world. One of the books that we read as a class was Bob Briner’s Roaring Lamb. It was a great eye opener. The expectation at the end of class was to write a reflection on how we feel we would be Roaring Lambs as we prepare to go out in the corporate world.

As a determined and upcoming young African leader, who is eager for a changed society, and is ready to explore change in my own life as part of bringing integrity and positive changes in society,

APPRECIATING the opportunities available to serve within my community

RECOGNIZING the need for a veracious source of leadership with emphasis among the youths who have been used, misused, abused and later accused by those in power and authority,

AWARE of the challenges posed especially when trying to influence positive change in a society where ‘Anything goes’, and

EMULATING Christ who was the greatest servant leader that ever existed in history,

I commit myself to use any available medium to influence positive change in my society. Through my faith and knowledge gained while undertaking my degree in campus, coupled with my strong interpersonal skills and seasoned with a fearless attitude and passion for service, I hope to stir other people’s hearts into living for the sake of others, condemn corruption and other vices in the society and to make a conscious decision to support change based on honor and responsibility. This I hope to do through motivational sessions, blog posts and leadership forums that seek to create a platform to air challenges and seek to respond to them. Strictly speaking, I would love to celebrate virtuous leaders guided by the need for accountability and honesty rather than grumble over leaders whose sole inspiration is in greed for wealth and power amassed through corruption and shoddy dealings. We have enough for everyone’s needs but not enough for anyone’s greed in this world.

My heart has been inspired and strength excited chiefly by three people in the media industry who have used their learnt skills, values inculcated and faith they subscribe to and greatly influenced through their respective media. First is Johnson Mwakazi working with the Royal Media as a news anchor in Citizen television. As much as he has been gossiped and criticized by both friend and foe, he has managed to stand the test of time in his faith. He has been ridiculed and jeered at but still rejoices in the fact that whoever he is serving is greater than all who rant about him. Second is Njeri Kihangah, a former Daystar student who served in the DCF- Athi River and who is currently a writer in the Nation media group, Zuqka magazine. She has greatly influenced an increase in Christian content within her area of operation. She has been sent to places of compromise to do stories and has always proved strong, the test of her faith. Last is David Makali, author of Media Law and Practice and editor of Expression Today (ET) magazine; a watchdog for the media houses. While growing in his career as a writer, he was lured with brown envelopes, threatened with death and even jailed for the sake of precision. In all, he stood by the truth being guided by his faith. Even with great challenges ahead, these people have stood to testify of God’s faithfulness.

I challenge myself and indeed my generation whom I am passionate about that, when good people who live according to principle and character, act wisely and courageously, then the course of history can be set on the correct path. The history that we know about leadership not only in Kenya but the world over, is where people go to office to gain affluence rather than to influence; they are concerned more about their rights than God’s will, benefits than mission to accomplish, success than obedience, external security than internal security and pleasing people than pleasing God. This is ceases to be a calling. I know that God does not call the qualified but qualifies those that He has called. I also know that this great vision will not come from speeches given from the top of my mind but the convictions and commitment that comes from the depth of my heart.

Oh God, help me!


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