Leadership is not…

In the last article, I tried to demystify what Leadership is. This time round, I explore the opposite. Leadership is not:-

  1. Being bossy and domineering. It is not about Leaders being served by other people. Otherwise, it becomes misuse of authority.
  2. Selfishness and greed. Note that the world has enough for everyone’s need but for anyone’s greed!
  3. Position that one holds. It means that in case that position is withdrawn, you cease to exist.
  4. Management. Management deals with logistics, systems and targets while leadership deals with achieving set visions.
  5. Event. Neither is it ceremonial. It does not come to action only when there are activities or occasions to be attended to.
  6. Genetic. It is not automatic that if your parent was great leader you will be. We have great leaders whose parents or children were a failure.
  7. Education. Having a PhD, few MA’s and several degrees to your name does not automatically make you a leader but rather educated.
  8. Speeches that come from the top of our minds but the convictions and commitment that comes from the depth of our heart.
  9. Doing things to or for others or else it becomes exploitation or paternalism respectively. Seek to do things though people.
  10. Who you know or what you have. It is who you are!

Go thee into the world and Lead!



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