Be the change

It was great being in Ethiopia for the two weeks though I already miss the rest of the team doing outreach there. How I wish I were there. Anyway, am back home and with me is a heart excited to do all I can to make a positive change around me.  I am excited to share with you a song that was penned by my mentor, Obas Ukoko [pictured below].

Obas Ukoko & Mbindyo Kimanthi

He had been to India for the AFL (Action For Life) programme under IofC. While going up the staircase, his eyes caught the words “Be the change you want to see.” by Mahatma Gandhi. This inspired him to come up with the lyrics of a song that ha been used as a theme song in many of the IofC forums.

Be the change

I’m so glad to know, I’m not alone,

You are here with me, by my side;

We will show the world how to live,

And how the world was meant to be,

We will be the change we want the world to be:


When change starts within, my heart

Then I can show the world the way to go;

When we look past our needs and live within our means,

We will be the change we want the world to be!

I am compiling a report for the time I was in Ethiopia so watch this space for more.



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