Dear reader, while you have been away…

– IofC International Director of Training Services Alice Cardel left on Friday evening after conducting a series of mind boggling sessions that challenged the thinking of the participants and staff present. She was replaced by Mr Anthony Duigan from South Africa. Both trainers have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they have mastered their content and can deliver with authority coupled with their unique presentation skills. We are proud of you!

– David and Jane Mills who are coordinators of IofC Australia left yesterday (Tuesday 28th) after having greatly impacted in the lives of the participants and and faculty. The ‘great couple’ as described by one of the participants had valuable skills and concepts to be learnt through their presentations that were graciously punctuated with uplifting stories, relevant sketches, exhilarating songs and loving family group sharing. The last session on Forgiveness was a great culmination to a series of topics they handled under the Foundations for Living segment. Dave and Jane, Africa will miss you!

– Today, I had an opportunity to visit the market at Debre Seit and managed to grab some souvenirs for myself. Wow! The beauty in this land!

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Thank you for following me in my journey ‘Where I am’.



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