Passionate letter

Fellow Dreamer(s),

I salute you from the uncolonized land of Queen Sheba. The land that flows with warm words of beauty and love. The hosts of the 5th birthday of the Harambee Africa Leadership forum. We miss your presence. We really do.

I am seated in this place thinking. Thinking of the opportunity you missed in coming to represent your nation and learn new truths about your continent, mama Africa. When I think about my pride, my love, my joy, I can’t help but smile. Smile at the great men and women that ‘my love’ has brought forth. The rich tradition and culture that has given us the identity that we so believe in and swim in its pride. The uniqueness that comes with being an African!

Soon, my smile is replaced by a frown. I frown at the richness and wealth of a tradition that is slowly fading away, thanks to the western culture that we have so lovingly embraced. Morals that have decayed due to ethical relativism and a society that believes, ‘anything goes’. A leadership that has been corrupted by selfishness rather than being guided by selflessness. Nations that overflow with power hungry politicians rather than servant modeling shepherds that the rest of the world can ape and emulate. What a pity!

But wait a minute, there is hope. I have the privilege of sharing the same table with people who have a vision. A vision that will change ‘my love’. An image that will create optimism for her better future. Hope for a future that we will have an Africa that is economically prosperous, politically vibrant, ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive. I share a motivation with leaders who are not in greed of position and power but in need of change and new dawn for its people.  I stand with a crop of leaders whose energy is stirred, hearts stimulated and vision inspired to turn the tables and write a new history for Africa. A happy account. One that is not punctuated with poverty, war, corruption and crime. But one full of prosperity, love, responsibility, accountability, peace and care for one another. One where Ubuntu will take its rightful position in our hearts and be at the core of our interactions.

Oh how I long to see that day. How I crave to witness that new Africa.  When all will rejoice in a continent revolutionized by Africans for Africans. How sweet it will be!


Mbindyo Kimanthi.


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