I write this from my base in Ethiopia, the land of a thousand smiles. The only country in Africa that was never colonized and home to seven of the lakes within the Rift Valley. How amazing! It’s now one week since I arrived and believe you me I love this place. Where smiles and warmth meet you at the airport and walk with you all the way for as long as you are in this place. How loving, you can bet. One of the greatest lessons that strike me while here is the way Ethiopians appreciate their culture and are proud of it. You can tell in the way they carry out themselves. Moreover, unlike other places I have visited, no one has talked about the vices that would always be presented almost the first day you walk into a country. No one has talked about prostitution, crime, corruption, drug abuse, HIV?AIDS, name it. That’s unique. Kudos Ethiopia!

Now, it’s only week one and I miss home. My family, friends… But I really truly sincerely and honestly have tried to miss school but I just can’t! Don’t know why. Anywho, I am representing my country Kenya in the Harambee Africa Leadership Programme. This is a program designed to guide young people towards ethical living and improved leadership in Africa. It prepares young leaders who are yearning for a better Africa by sharpening their vision and equipping them with tools for changing the world around them. I love this team and hope to learn a lot from this forum.



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